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Welcome. My name is Jeanne Grunert, and I am a freelance writer, book author, photographer and marketing consultant based in Virginia.

As a marketing writer, I research and write effective search engine optimized website copy, landing pages, and blog posts and articles that entertain, inform, and enlighten readers.

I have over 25 years of experience as a freelance magazine writer, marketing writer, and marketing executive. I bring an incredible wealth of real-world experience and creative talent to every project. My working style is warm, friendly, and professional. Work with me once, and you’ll probably want to work with me again.

My writing achieves excellent results for my clients. I’ve developed a large and loyal following of readers worldwide who actively seek my latest articles, blog posts and books. You can hire me to write or ghostwrite for you. Learn more.


What Clients Say

“Jeanne is a thorough, detail-oriented writer. Not only does she perform research with an experienced eye and attention to detail, but she also knows how to put personality into her writing. No matter how sensitive or complex the subject matter, she finds a way to make her content accurate, engaging and sophisticated. She’s a versatile writer who knows how to clearly communicate, work independently and meet consistent deadlines which is an immense contribution to any writing team.” – Emily Arcuri, Web Content Manager


“Jeanne’s writing and editing skills are outstanding. Because of her careful researching skills, I am always assured that her articles are factual, valuable resources, no matter what subject she is writing on. Beyond her professionalism, her warm personality makes working with Jeanne even more enjoyable.” – Kathleen Marshall, Editor


“Jeanne and Seven Oaks Consulting offer more than writing and marketing services. When we work with Jeanne, our clients get the benefit of her extensive business experience and insights, too.  She’s very reliable and dependable, and has a warm, personal working style that both our agency and our clients love. Her writing helps achieve each client’s sales and marketing goals. I recommend Jeanne and Seven Oaks Consulting with enthusiasm.” – Duane Coleman, President, Dashboard Internet Marketing (marketing agency client).


Professional Freelance Writing Services

I offer the following professional freelance writing services:

  • Article writing services: SEO articles, search engine optimized website articles, short articles, long articles, long form content marketing guides.
  • Professional blogging services, including ghost writing blogs for clients.
  • Marketing writer for white papers, case studies, brochures, sales copy, letters, newsletters and all sales and marketing materials.
  • Course writing and development for business courses, marketing courses, and communications courses.


Business Writer | Marketing Writer | Gardening Writer | Health Writer

While I’ve written about everything from medical printing to the wildlife along China’s Yellow River, I am well-known as a business and marketing writer and a gardening writer. I also write about health and wellness, especially alternative health, addiction and recovery issues. Past and present clients who have published my writing include Intuit/QuickBooks, ADP payroll processing, Purina Pet Products, Dave’s Garden, Virginia Gardener magazine, and many others.


marketing writer

Marketing Writer | Business Writer

Garden Writing

Garden Writing | Horticulture Writing


writing about addiction and recovery

Addiction & Recovery Writer

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