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Have you ever struggled to put together words – the right words – to promote your products and services? Have you ever slaved until all hours of the night over a business or marketing plan? Ever wished you could hand off your marketing writing to someone who is experienced, who “gets” the world of agencies and corporations and deadlines and B2B marketing communications?

Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert

I can help. My name is Jeanne Grunert, and I’m a former marketing executive and freelance writer with over 25 years of real-world, hands-on experience. I offer a unique blend of marketing consulting (what I prefer to call “teaching”) and writing services, with an emphasis on direct response and internet marketing writing and consulting.

I can help you:

  • SAVE TIME by writing or ghostwriting marketing communications materials, website copy, articles, blog posts and more for you, your marketing agency or your company.
  • FIND SOLUTIONS to problems troubling your corporate marketing department or marketing agency. Why are we losing accounts? Why is our direct mail arriving late? Why are we always behind on projects? I help you find the answers – and provide solutions that gets your agency back on track quickly and confidentially.
  • EARN MORE revenues and profits by identifying new markets and niche markets, exploring potential markets, and finding cost-effective methods to acquire, retain and create loyal customers.

If you own a marketing agency, manage a corporate marketing department or a marketing communications department, or you own a small business and need reliable, dependable, professional marketing writer services, training, and advice, contact me today.


” As the owner of a marketing agency, I know that it’s hard to find dependable freelance support. In Jeanne we get a wealth of real world experience, a strong work ethic and consistent reliable results.” – Roman Kraus, President, KrausCreative


Seven Oaks Consulting’s Services

Marketing Communications and Content Marketing Writing

Marketing communications and content marketing writing are our specialties. Jeanne has over 25 years of experience as both a freelance writer and a direct marketing manager. She brings the best of both worlds – marketing and writing – to every project for your company.

  • Learn more about Marketing Communications, Content Marketing Writing and Freelance Writing Services.


“Consistently, Ms. Grunert has provided ThumbPeople with original, quality writing and content for our websites, search engine optimization and online marketing needs. ” – Cathy Kirschner, Online Marketing Editor


B2B Marketing and Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant, Jeanne specializes in B2B marketing and education marketing. She offers practical guidance through the myriad internet marketing techniques available to businesses today, and effective business plan writing, marketing plan writing, and marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses, education publishers, higher education companies and other B2B marketing departments.

  •  Learn more about B2B Marketing and Marketing Consultant Services.

Marketing Training

for Marketing Agencies, Corporate Marketing Departments, and Business Owners

Marketing training is available in person, online, or through home study materials such as books and recorded seminars.  Jeanne specializes in teaching marketing seminars on SEO (search engine optimization), business and marketing communications, and direct marketing.  She is a certified adult educator.

  •  Learn more about Marketing Training, Seminars, Courses and Books from Jeanne and Seven Oaks Consulting.

 “Jeanne is a consummate professional who is skilled at corporate training. She delivered a one-day seminar that our marketing managers are still talking about! Jeanne is indeed a direct marketing expert, as well as very knowledgeable about the education industry.”  -JimiBeth Myers, Macmillan Publishing

Who We Work With

  • Small to mid-sized businesses who need extra help with marketing communications, business plan writing or marketing plan writing
  • Education publishers and other publishers
  • Marketing agencies

Read Testimonials from our current and previous clients in these industries.

Services We Offer

  • B2B Marketing Consulting
  • Content Marketing Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Freelance Writing Services
  • SEO Writing Services – Articles, Blog Posts, Website Copy
  • Hourly Marketing Consulting
  • Seminars, Home Study Courses and Books on Marketing, Marketing Communications and Business Management




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