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Seamless partnerships with our clientsSeven Oaks Consulting and marketing writer Jeanne Grunert offer a wealth of knowledge, experience, and talent to help businesses thrive.

We work with publishers, marketing agencies, and companies in the technology and manufacturing sectors to provide comprehensive content marketing, editing, writing, and marketing training services.

From one short blog post to outsourcing all of your content and digital marketing needs, Seven Oaks Consulting provides exceptional service and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.


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Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert, President & Senior Writer

Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert has been a full-time professional freelance writer, editor and content marketing consultant since 2007. With two decades of hands-on marketing management experience in direct marketing, internet marketing and communications, as well as experience in journalism, magazine writing and marketing writing, Jeanne brings an enormous wealth of knowledge, talent, creativity and business insight into every project.

She is available for writing projects ranging from regular ghostwriting for your executive team to producing search engine optimized web pages, articles and blog posts. Through her company, Seven Oaks Consulting, she can also organize and manage a superior team of freelance writers and editors to manage your content marketing efforts, reputation management and online communications.

Praise for Seven Oaks Consulting and Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert


Increased Business 50% 

“I can honestly say that finding Seven Oaks Consulting and Jeanne for marketing work for me really made my business grow. I used Seven Oaks Consulting to help us with a new website design that included SEO.  Jeanne also designed a marketing plan for Crystal Image Photography and made suggestions that really got us noticed. We used Jeanne’s suggestions on different types of adverting and our wedding photography business grew over 50 percent!” – Crystal Vandegrift, Crystal Image Photography

Rare combination of skilled writing services and marketing expertise

“What we like best about Jeanne is that she brings a rare combination of both skilled copy writing services and marketing expertise to every proj­ect. Her writing is engaging, interesting and we find that there is very little need for time consuming revisions. Best of all, Jeanne always deliv­ers on time sans drama or surprises. As the owner of a marketing agency, I know that it’s hard to find depend­able freelance support. In Jeanne we get a wealth of real world experi­ence, a strong work ethic and consistently reliable results.”  – Roman Kraus, President, KrausCreative Inc. (marketing agency)

Our pickiest client had NO changes to your work!

“I just wanted to let you know that your writing is making an impact across our client base. Clients have been very happy with the content. In fact, the latest (very picky) client had NO changes to their blogs. Thanks for all you do!” Donelda Cox, Marketing Consultant, Technology Industry

Award-Winning Content Marketing Writer Services

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Projects we’ve worked on have won the following awards:

Top 100 Gardening Blogs

Home Garden Joy, a blog we created, won the “Top 100 Gardening Blogs” of the web award from Blog Feed.Spot. Entries were judged on Google reputation and SERPs, social media following, SEO work, and the overall quality of the writing and content.






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