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Seven Oaks Consulting and marketing writer Jeanne Grunert help business owners tell their unique stories online through powerful and effective content marketing strategies and plans, direct and online marketing, and expert writing services. Jeanne helps you acquire, retain and create loyal customers by helping you think differently about your online and direct marketing, and infusing your written materials with attractive sales language that motivates and inspires customers to buy from you today and return to your website again tomorrow. Whether you need a comprehensive marketing plan to launch a new business or one blog post a month ghostwritten for your website, let Jeanne and Seven Oaks Consulting help you attract and keep customers!


 Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert

Jeanne_Nov2012 Welcome to Seven Oaks Consulting! Founded in 2007, we are a boutique marketing and writing services agency located in the heart of Virginia. We work worldwide with both business-to-business and business-to consumer companies to help them transform their online marketing into effective strategies to build brands, attract the right audience, and sell more.  Whether you’re launching a new company or manage marketing for a well-established brand, Seven Oaks Consulting can help.

I have over 25 years of experience as a marketing writer, and I turn that real-world experience into powerful strategies that use innovative direct and content marketing concepts to drive traffic to your website.  I’m keenly focused on your return on investment (ROI), helping you control costs while achieving your marketing objectives.

I welcome your questions and invite you to explore the resources on this website. Get to know Seven Oaks Consulting. Acquire, retain and create loyal customers through powerful marketing writing, marketing services and more.

More Customers. More Profits. Less Work for You!


We help companies..

  • CREATE online, direct and content marketing strategies to naturally and easily attract more customers to your website;
  • IMPROVE their websites so that sites sell, rather than ‘tell’, about products and services;
  • INCREASE the number of leads, customers and sales from your marketing efforts;
  • BUILD online brands using innovative content marketing strategies;
  • REDUCE the time they spend writing their own blogs, articles and materials by providing highly skilled writing services.
  • TRAIN their teams in direct, online and content marketing concepts by offering a variety of books, courses and in-person seminars on various marketing and entrepreneurship topics.




We help marketing agencies…

  • ADD skilled writers when they need them, as they need them, in a variety of subject areas, by providing superb, pre-screened freelance writers ready to tackle your assignments.
  • WRITE search engine optimized website copy, blog posts, articles, and online guides.  Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert offers comprehensive writing services for marketing agencies.
  • TRAIN their teams in traditional direct mail, a skill mostly forgotten by the newest marketing graduates. We offer a variety of on-site and virtual classes in direct mail marketing and search engine optimization.



Customers Love Seven Oaks Consulting!


Rare Combination of Skilled Copy Writing and Marketing Expertise

“What we like best about Jeanne is that she brings a rare combination of both skilled copy writing services and marketing expertise to every project. Her writing is engaging, interesting and we find that there is very little need for time consuming revisions. Best of all, Jeanne always delivers on time sans drama or surprises. As the owner of a marketing agency, I know that it’s hard to find dependable freelance support. In Jeanne we get a wealth of real world experience, a strong work ethic and consistently reliable results.”  – Roman Kraus, President, KrausCreative Inc. (marketing agency)

Marketing Insights Grew My Business Over 50%

“I can honestly say that finding Seven Oaks Consulting and Jeanne for marketing work for me really made my business grow. I used Seven Oaks Consulting to help us with a new website design that included SEO.  Jeanne also designed a marketing plan for Crystal Image Photography and made suggestions that really got us noticed. We used Jeanne’s suggestions on different types of adverting and our wedding photography business grew over 50 percent!” – Crystal Vandegrift, Crystal Image Photography


A True Professional in Sales and Web Marketing

“Jeanne Grunert gave me more insight into the inner workings of MY OWN WEBSITE AND MARKETING PLAN than I’d ever thought possible. I do NOT say this lightly. Sometimes when you’re entrenched in your own business—you’ve seen your own writing so often that you lose the ability to truly analyze your own efforts objectively. This is where I’d recommend an honest, fairly-priced, true PROFESSIONAL IN SALES AND WEB MARKETING. And I’ve found no better person that fits this description more accurately than the one and only Jeanne Grunert of Seven Oaks Consulting. Jeanne has the real-world experience and expertise necessary for you to objectively look at your business, come up with reasonable solutions to anything that may be keeping you from reaching your true potential, and then HELP YOU TO IMPLEMENT A GAME PLAN TO MOVE PAST THOSE BARRIERS! Thanks for everything Jeanne!” -  Jeff Sekerak, superiorbodyhealth.com


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