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Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert focuses on marketing communications – business and marketing writing, marketing consulting, and teaching business owners how to market and promote their businesses with integrity and authenticity.

At Seven Oaks Consulting, we believe that words mean business – your business! With the right marketing communications materials, you can acquire, retain and create loyal customers. We’ll show you how.


Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert

Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert


 Marketing Communications and Content Marketing Writing

Marketing communications and content marketing writing are our specialties. Jeanne has over 25 years of experience as both a freelance writer and a direct marketing manager. She brings the best of both worlds – marketing and writing – to every project for your company.

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B2B Marketing and Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant, Jeanne specializes in B2B marketing and education marketing. She offers practical guidance through the myriad internet marketing techniques available to businesses today, and effective business plan writing, marketing plan writing, and marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses, education publishers, higher education companies and other B2B marketing departments.

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Marketing Training

Marketing training is available in person, online, or through home study materials such as books and recorded seminars.  Jeanne specializes in teaching marketing seminars on SEO (search engine optimization), business and marketing communications, and direct marketing.  She is a certified adult educator.

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Who We Work With

  • Small to mid-sized businesses who need extra help with marketing communications, business plan writing or marketing plan writing
  • Education publishers and other publishers
  • Marketing agencies

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Services We Offer

  • B2B Marketing Consulting
  • Content Marketing Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Freelance Writing Services
  • SEO Writing Services – Articles, Blog Posts, Website Copy
  • Hourly Marketing Consulting
  • Seminars, Home Study Courses and Books on Marketing, Marketing Communications and Business Management




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