About the Marketing Writers

The Marketing Writers began in 2007 as Seven Oaks Consulting, a general digital and direct marketing consulting agency located in Prospect, Virginia.

But, like all good stories, this one had many twists, turns, and cliff hangers. Jeanne Grunert, the President of The Marketing Writers, began her career as a fiction writer and advertising writer. Later, she held executive marketing positions with companies in the New York City area include McGraw-Hill, The College Board, and others. She moved to Virginia and provided marketing consulting services worldwide.

Jeanne often found that marketing clients requested her writing work, and writing clients asked for her marketing advice. Throughout the years, the same pattern repeated, with content writing work taking on more of a presence among the agency’s services. It soon became clear that her unique approach to content marketing, which incorporates fiction writing, digital marketing, and direct marketing aspects, generates excellent results.

President Jeanne Grunert, the original “marketing writer”

Today, the company includes Jeanne at the helm leading all marketing strategy, brand story creation, and senior writing projects, as well as her husband and business partner, John, who serves as our financial advisor and treasurer.

The Marketing Writers’ team boasts John Colgate, whose beat includes cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, and tech writing; J.J. Belz, our equestrian extraordinaire who loves writing about agriculture, farms, and all things health-related; and Jodee Redmond, a versatile writer with the chops to handle short blog posts and long-form copy with equal aplomb.

Together with SEO experts who find the keyword needle in the Google haystack, video guru Gary, and the amazing graphic designers we have lined up for you, we produce sparkling, original content that generates clicks, likes, shares, and sales!

Ezekiel “Zeke” Grunert, Human Resources and SecuritySaveSave

Zeke, our office pup

A discussion of our team wouldn’t be complete without our human resources director, chief security officer, and general stress reliever: Ezekiel, a new German shepherd puppy. Zeke gives every client and visitor the sniff test — literally. He is a German shepherd dog who ensures we get our exercise through long walks and who protects our business. He is the office dog at Seven Oaks Consulting, making sure that the seven cats we’ve rescued behave themselves and that no plate goes into the dishwasher dirty. Zeke’s new blog, “I Have a Story,” launches soon.

Grunert Family Holdings, Inc., 1220 Hixburg Road, Prospect, Virginia 23960SaveSave

Content writing services for digital marketing agencies, companies, and nonprofit marketing departments. SaveSave


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