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Jeanne Grunert is the president of Seven Oaks Consulting and a noted authority on direct and online marketing, writing for the web, and copywriting.

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Facebook Business Pages: The Dangers

picture of a hacker or criminal

Many small business owners rely on Facebook business pages for their online presence. “I don’t need a website,” they tell me. “See, I get this free Facebook business page and I can promote my company as well as share information with my customers.” Our local health food store has a business page…the dog trainer I …

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“I have a story” – Zeke’s blog

Zeke is our office dog, a German shepherd who loves a good story. This is his blog where he tells tales of SEO writing, digital marketing, and all things writing and marketing related. Plus, we post cute pictures of Zeke and the other animals here at The Marketing Writer – Seven Oaks Consulting. Zeke’s Story …

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Marketing Case Study: Mailing List Fail

In this edition of “I Have a Story,” The Marketing Writer’s blog, we present a marketing case study that underscores the importance of a clean direct mail list. Direct mail continues to produce strong results with an average response rate of 9% for house lists. A house list is a list of a business’ customers …

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Good Management Is An Art

Good management is an art rather than a science. I started thinking about management skills today after I took a test for the website, (Yes, I’m job hunting. Seriously hunting for a telecommuting, marketing job, director level or above. If you’re looking for someone or you know of a job…message me.) But back to …

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Making Virtual Teams Work

work from home

How do you make a virtual workforce a thriving part of your company? Many companies need extra help during peak season. Some require specialized skills or a temporary opening filled. In these cases, a remote worker, also known as a virtual worker, telecommuter, or telecommuting freelancer, may be the answer. So why don’t more companies …

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