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Jeanne Grunert is the president of Seven Oaks Consulting and a noted authority on direct and online marketing, writing for the web, and copywriting.

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Content Marketing Mistakes

I really liked this post from Amy Gynn on Content Marketing mistakes. I see so many of these mistakes, and most of them are easily prevented or corrected. Besides, a good infographic on content marketing deserves to be shared.

Customers Are Won, Not Managed

Far too often I hear company executive talk about “managing their customers.” Customers are people who pay your salary, not widgets to be managed. You can manage expectations, but managing people for profitability is just…wrong. Let’s talk instead about building trust, value, and long term relationships for enduring loyalty. And yes, profits. Profits come after …

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Seven Oaks Consulting Featured in Fundera

There’s greater interest now than ever before in rural small businesses. Journalist Priyanka Prakash interviews me for this piece on rural small business in the online publication, Fundera. Rural Small Businesses Earn Better Profits and More Financing Among business owners, rural areas get a bad rap. But I’ve found that conducting business in a rural …

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Home Garden Joy Voted in Top 50 Virginia Blogs

One of the blogs and websites that I’ve created has won a great award (a major award? quote A Christmas Story…) — it has been voted #28 in the top 50 blogs in Virginia. See below for the press release.

Walmart Explores Blockchain Delivery System