Content Marketing Defined April 10, 2014

  Content marketing is the art and science of using original, creative, branded content – blog posts, writing, images, articles, stories, case studies and more – to acquire, retain and create loyal customers. That’s what we do here at Seven Oaks Consulting – content marketing, and all that goes with it, like SEO web page […]

What You Can Learn About Marketing from a Blue Lobster April 9, 2014

Deacon Blue is one lucky lobster. A fisherman snagged him off the cost of Prince Edward Island, thinking he had accidentally caught a beer can in his trap. Imagine his surprise when old Deacon Blue waved a claw at him. Blue lobsters are rare, and this pretty boy is heading for an aquarium instead of […]

My New Book March 20, 2014

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention MY new book is now available! It’s a business eBook called Pricing Your Services: 21 Tips for More Profit. You can order it from Smashwords, Amazon, or your favorite eBook retailer. If you’re a writer, artist, consultant, coach or service provider of any type, you know how hard […]