Book Review: God Is in the Little Things, Messages from the Golden Angels


Patricia Brooks and I have been casually acquainted for several years through the magic of the internet and social media, and when she contacted me asking if I would review her second volume in the “God Is in the Little Things” series, I said sure. I enjoyed her first book, “Messages from the Animals,” and her second volume, “Messages from the Golden Angels” doesn’t disappoint.

This is a New Age inspirational memoir, and while I do not share the author’s belief system, I can appreciate the upbeat, positive messages threading through the book. The premise is simple. Each chapter reflects another area of the author’s life where the angels guide and inspire her. Angelic communication isn’t unheard of in my Christian tradition; we cite our Guardian Angels all the time, and I love praying the Chaplet of St. Michael and the Angels in the morning.  The angels are active in the author’s life, helping her through a life decision that ultimately results in a complete change of career and life path for her.

It’s a short read at 112 pages but well-written and engaging. If you love New Age spirituality and share the author’s belief system, add a star.  4 out of 5 stars from me.

Thanks for sending me a review copy, Patricia!

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