Category: Retail Marketing

Reinvigorating Retail through Pop Up Stores

Pop up stores are here and they may be reinvigorating retail throughout the United States. As a teenager in the 1980s, I spent an inordinate amount of time at the local shopping mall. Roosevelt Field Mall became my home away from home. My sister worked at Macy’s. She would drive to work, drop me off …

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Walmart Thinks It Can Tell if You’re Happy

Last night I read an article in Direct Marketing News which literally made me LOL (for those not familiar with online acronyms, that’s laugh out loud – LOL for short). Walmart is exploring installing facial recognition software to install in their stores to assess how happy their customers are with their shopping experience. Are you …

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The Convergence of Retail Marketing and Mobile Marketing

One of the most fascinating trends I’ve encountered recently is the convergence of mobile marketing and traditional bricks and mortar retailing. When I left graduate school a decade ago, retailers were admonished to synchronize their online and offline channels; it was confusing to customers when they couldn’t return internet purchases to their local retail outlet, …

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