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“I have a story” – Zeke’s blog

Zeke is our office dog, a German shepherd who loves a good story. This is his blog where he tells tales of SEO writing, digital marketing, and all things writing and marketing related. Plus, we post cute pictures of Zeke and the other animals here at The Marketing Writer – Seven Oaks Consulting. Zeke’s Story …

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Marketing Case Study: Mailing List Fail

In this edition of “I Have a Story,” The Marketing Writer’s blog, we present a marketing case study that underscores the importance of a clean direct mail list. Direct mail continues to produce strong results with an average response rate of 9% for house lists. A house list is a list of a business’ customers …

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Reinvigorating Retail through Pop Up Stores

Pop up stores are here and they may be reinvigorating retail throughout the United States. As a teenager in the 1980s, I spent an inordinate amount of time at the local shopping mall. Roosevelt Field Mall became my home away from home. My sister worked at Macy’s. She would drive to work, drop me off …

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Why Customer Service Matters

We’ve all experienced awful service. We’ve all experienced good service. As business people, we all know – or should know- the value of excellent customer service. How valuable is good customer service? If you improve service by just 5%, according to Bain & Company, profits can increase 25 to 90%. So with just a little …

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Content Marketing Mistakes

I really liked this post from Amy Gynn on Content Marketing mistakes. I see so many of these mistakes, and most of them are easily prevented or corrected. Besides, a good infographic on content marketing deserves to be shared.