DIY Diva

Prefer to Do It Yourself? You Need My DIY Diva Books and Classes!

For some of you reading this, you’re not ready for a Virtual VP or a Marketing Makeover. You may not be in a position to hire me to write your content yet. That’s okay. I understand. I’ve been in your shoes not so long ago, starting a business on a shoestring, pouring sweat equity into it and trying to get it up and running the right way.

That’s why I’ve put together a series of what I’ve dubbed DIY DIVA resources just for entrepreneurs like you!

The DIY Diva resources include books available on Amazon in paperback and e-book as well as virtual, self-paced online classes on Udemy to teach you basic marketing skills.

Right now, books are available, and classes are in the works for 2019. Stay tuned for more!