My novels I Believe You, the first Majek family story and a forthcoming Majek family tale called The Red Boy House.

on October 4, 2016
With its well-crafted story and believable characters, Ms. Grunert proves that you don’t need coarse language and brutal violence to draw a reader into a tale and hold them there. I found myself feeling as though I “knew” these characters and through the expert weaving of the story line, I cared deeply about what happened to them. I felt the momentum increase as I got to the story’s conclusion and totally enjoyed the exciting ride, although I was a bit sorry my time with the Majek family had ended. Bravo!

These books defy categorization as mystery, supernatural, or suspense…they’re a blend of all three and more. Infused with a sense of mystery, driven by characters you’ll come to know and love, the Majek Family Stories are novels you’ll treasure.

cover-finalI Believe You – currently available in paperback and Kindle editions. Find it on Amazon.

cover_red-boy-houseThe Red Boy House – not released yet. Expected release sometime in 2017 in paperback and e-book editions.

An Ancient Gift and Other Stories

AN ANCIENT GIFT AND OTHER STORIES THREE STORIES OF THE SUPERNATURAL. By Jeanne Grunert “WHERE AN EDGAR ALLAN POE MEETS FLANNERY O’CONNOR, A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!” – REGINA, AMAZON.COM REVIEW (VERIFIED PURCHASER) An Ancient Gift and Other Stories is a collection of three “light” horror stories. These tales of the paranormal are akin to old-fashioned …

I Believe You

Set among the wealthy of Long Island’s elite Gold Coast, I Believe You is a haunting tale of love, loss, family, and friendship that you won’t be able to put down! Six months ago, a hit-and-run driver changed David Majek’s life forever. Now he struggles to raise his three sons alone after the death of …

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