Industry Experience

When selecting a marketing writer or content marketing consultant, industry experience is extremely important. Industry experience helps your content marketing expert or marketing writer work more efficiently since the learning period is shortened. Direct, hands-on industry experience also helps marketing writer Jeanne Grunert share insights and find angles for your writing that set it apart from your competitors’ materials.

Industry Experience


Marketing AgenciesMarketing Agencies

We partner with a wide range of marketing agencies throughout the United States, Europe and Asia to deliver the highest-quality, specialized content available. You create the content marketing plan or we can create it. We can find expert writers for your project, or Jeanne can work directly with your agency. Our rates are reasonable and we offer professional, courteous and detailed service that is hard to find among many freelance marketing writers and agencies today.



Publishing (1)Publishing

Jeanne is an experience magazine writer and journalist. Our publishing experience includes writing a monthly column for Virginia Gardener magazine, in-depth interviews and profiles for national and trade magazines, and insightful articles for membership publications related to the direct marketing, retail management, and nutrition industries.  Jeanne has also taught seminars on search engine optimization and writing for the web at major global publishing companies.




Tech is our passion! We love writing about technology from an engaging and unique viewpoint. Our technology writing includes articles and blog posts written for USERS of technology  – the CEO who must decide what to use, the time-pressed manager who needs to understand why the new system is important, the sales team who wants to get the most from their CRM.





Our manufacturing clients include companies making everything from medical supplies to plastic buckets and pails. Yes, we’ve even written articles about industrial belts, filters for paint manufacturing, light bulbs (we’re not kidding about that), metal drums and plastic pails, sponges (not kidding about that one either) and more. We actually enjoy writing about warehouses, bar coding, and issues pertaining to managing your manufacturing business.








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