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Fix My Marketing for Me! Marketing Makeover

Don’t you love makeover shows on television? It’s astonishing what an experienced fashion consultant can do with someone’s appearance, isn’t it?

Just think what an experienced marketing manager can do with your company’s sales and marketing materials!

“I just wanted to let you know that your writing is making an impact across our client base. Client have been very happy with the content. In fact, the latest (very picky) client had NO changes to their blogs. Thanks for all you do!” D.C., Marketing Consultant, The Spectrum Services Group (Writing & Marketing Makeover)

Why Choose a Marketing Makeover?

A Marketing Makeover package may be right for you if:

  • Your website isn’t generating leads, clicks or even traffic.
  • Your blog is boring you to tears, and you don’t know why.
  • Your sales pitch hasn’t won any sales.
  • Your brochures get tossed in the trash.
  • People complain they don’t understand your website, pitch deck, or brochures.
  • You tried to do everything yourself but you know it could be better.
  • English isn’t your native language and you don’t want to make mistakes in your marketing materials.
Jeanne led this award-winning branding project for a global publisher. World class marketing is available – call NOW for an estimate.

What Does a Marketing Makeover Include?

Pick one project – your company’s pitch deck, or maybe your website.

I’ll provide you with:

  • A complete written critique to help you fix what ails your marketing piece.
  • New, fresh, shiny text to replace tired old text.
  • Another rewrite 8 weeks later if you’re still not getting better results.

The Marketing Makeover package is great for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo business owners who can’t afford a full Virtual VP service.

Basic Prices: Marketing Makeover for Small Business Marketing

  • Website, up to 8 page: $750
  • Website, 8+ pages: price provided upon request
  • Pitch deck, up to 25 slides: $500
  • Pitch deck, 25+ slides: price provided upon request
  • Advertising review, 1 to 5 ads: $250
  • Brochure review, up to 8 pages: $250
  • Email newsletter and email marketing package: $250
  • Social media review: Review 1 social media platform and metrics: $250


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