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book cover Pricing Your Services

Pricing Your Services: 21 Tips for More Profit

By Jeanne Grunert


“Pricing Your Services is fantastic!  I say that as someone who has had her own business for 10 years now and I REALLY wish I had this guide back when I started!  It would have saved me a lot of frustration, faux pas and other issues with running my business.  Pricing services can seem a bit like a mystery at times – there’s so much to consider, and, as you point out, there are some mindset issues to overcome as well.  You have completely “de-mystified” this process by providing an excellent, step-by-step guide to creating effective pricing structures for the services you offer. Even after being in business for a while, I picked up some REALLY valuable tips and strategies that I plan to put to use right away to enhance my own services and pricing! Thank you for bringing clarity to a somewhat confusing process!” – Cathy Jennings, No Pressure Networking


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Learn How to Set – and GET – Your Prices!

Are you charging too much?  Too little? Do you know how to find out how much your competitors are charging – or even why you should? In this new book by marketing expert and award-winning writer Jeanne Grunert, you will learn:

  • How to estimate your hourly rate as a coach, consultant, artist, writer or other service provider
  • How to spy (ethically) on your competitors
  • The psychology of pricing
  • Why sales are a bad idea for service providers but bundling services isn’t
  • And much, much more!

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Just $2.99


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