Rates and FAQ

How much do you charge?  The answer depends on the complexity of the assignment, whether you’ll give me a byline (“by Jeanne Grunert”) or whether the piece is ghostwritten (published under your name), and many other factors. My rates start at a minimum of $50 per blog post or article. Website copy and sales and marketing materials are charged at .50 per word.

What kind of projects do you accept? I take on content writing projects that are business, finance, marketing or technology related. I am open to writing about gardening, pets (dogs/cats/tropical fish) and horses and equestrian sports.

I write blog posts,  print and web articles, reports, white papers, marketing and sales brochures, sales presentations, video scripts, and instruction manuals.

Do you offer any other services? Yes! I’m a certified adult educator and love to teach. I have taught graduate seminars on marketing and entrepreneurship, business writing and more. I can create custom business seminars, continuing education programs and more just for you.

I create courses for adult continuing education and business education. This includes creating learning outcomes and objectives, outlining potential topics, researching and writing courses of up to 80 to 100 slides for self-paced learning.  Recently completed courses include search engine optimization basics, digital marketing basics, and communications/PR topics.

What is it like working with you, Jeanne? What can I expect once I hire you? You can expect a warm, professional, and friendly partner with a broad and deep marketing and business background.

I’m not going to lie to you – I will speak up if I think the marketing direction of your project is unfocused or won’t help you achieve your objectives. This can be disconcerting to people who are used to working with writers who only write for a living. Because I am both a writer and a marketing expert, I see things other writers miss when creating sales and marketing materials.

Another important thing to note with me is that you will always receive quality work on time. When I agree to a deadline for your project, I honor that promise.

I’m not a mind reader, although I do get pretty good at understanding a company or individual’s brand tone and voice. I do need plenty of background information at the start of a project to get a thorough and deep understanding of your company and the subject at hand. I’ll work hard to get the piece right for you and revise it until it meets your requirements.

I keep Skype open throughout my waking hours to communicate with my clients and I respond promptly. All work is delivered to you as a Microsoft Word or Google Document. You are responsible for graphic design, programming, uploading the piece to your website, or printing it.

Payment Terms and Methods:  I bill monthly for all work completed during a given month. Payment is due upon receipt of the materials or, for long-term customers, Net 30 terms are available. I accept checks, PayPal, and direct deposit. All checks and payments are rendered to my company, Seven Oaks Consulting.