Jeanne Grunert
JEANNE GRUNERT of Seven Oaks Consulting is a marketing consultant, digital marketing expert, and business skills teacher with over 30 years of experience. She offers marketing consulting for individuals and companies, as well as affordable marketing education for entrepreneurs and startups through books and classes.

Marketing Consulting Services from Jeanne Grunert

I offer marketing consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and large companies. I specialize in helping new and emerging business owners identify their target audience and create engaging digital and direct marketing strategies and content that builds and sustains loyal customers and repeat sales.

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Identify your target audience. Craft a plan that you can follow, like a cookbook, to promote your business. Whether you are a small business owner looking for more local customers or a large company seeking to market a new product or service, my 30 years of experience can help you achieve success quickly. Let’s talk.

“What we like best about Jeanne is that she brings a rare combination of both skilled copy writing services and marketing expertise to every proj­ect. Her writing is engaging, interesting and we find that there is very little need for time consuming revisions. Best of all, Jeanne always deliv­ers on time sans drama or surprises. As the owner of a marketing agency, I know that it’s hard to find depend­able freelance support. In Jeanne we get a wealth of real world experi­ence, a strong work ethic and consistently reliable results. ” – Roman Kraus, President, KrausCreative Inc.

Personal Marketing and Branding

I offer strategies to build personal online brands. This is a great service for bloggers, coaches, consultants and others offering personal online services. Wherever you go today, you leave behind a digital footprint. What does your reveal about who you are and what you do? Services include personal brand analysis and an action plan to boost or remediate your online brand.

“I can honestly say that finding Seven Oaks Consulting and Jeanne for marketing work for me really made my business grow. I used Seven Oaks Consulting to help us with a new website design that included SEO.  Jeanne also designed a marketing plan for Crystal Image Photography and made suggestions that really got us noticed. We used Jeanne’s suggestions on different types of adverting and our wedding photography business grew over 50 percent!” – Crystal Vandegrift, Crystal Image Photography

Customer Engagement and Service Consulting

You can’t afford to ignore customer service complaints! I specialize in nurturing customer relationships to build loyalty and brand fans. Surprise, delight, and exceed expectations with my service plans.

“Jeanne helped me look at my marketing to my clients in a new way and gave me some inspiration. I was able to finish my web design and content writing site and get out e-mails and letters to my old clients. I was feeling so desperate, praying non-stop (God truly answered my prayers with the exact amount I needed to pay my bills) and wondering if McDonald’s was hiring. Jeanne gave me a plan of action for marketing my services and some words of encouragement that were greatly needed. After contacting old clients and utilizing her suggestions, I now have several of them signed up with me and a really positive response of people being thrilled I’m back in the web design and promotions business. I thought I knew a thing or two about promotion, but Jeanne is absolutely brilliant at what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” — Lori Soard, Freelance Writer


Marketing Coaching, Consulting, Teaching

I have taught digital marketing seminars at New York University and for large companies such as Macmillan Publishing. I create custom courses, classes, and seminars, delivered virtually or in-person, for companies of all sizes on topics related to marketing, customer service, and communications.

“Jeanne is a consummate professional who is skilled at corporate training. She delivered a one-day seminar that our marketing managers are still talking about! Jeanne is indeed a direct marketing expert, as well as very knowledgeable about the education industry”. – JimiBeth Myers, Macmillan Publishing


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