I am a skilled teacher, presenter, and curriculum writer for marketing, business, communications and other adult learning topics.

Marketing is taught through hands-on experience, mentoring, and immersion into project-based activities. I love teaching marketing and communications skills and have worked with adult learners and distance learners my entire career. I’ve created seminars, workshops, distance learning courses, self-paced courses, and learning materials for direct and digital marketing classes, communications skills and strategies, and management strategies.

Classes I have taught:

  • Write with Ease – business writing skills, Sewanhaka Central High School Adult Learning Program
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategies – SEO, SEM, digital marketing, private seminar, Macmillan Publishing
  • Social Media Marketing – mastering social media, private client seminar
  • Entrepreneurship, New York University
  • Direct Marketing, New York University

“Jeanne is a consummate professional who is skilled at corporate training. She delivered a one-day seminar that our marketing managers are still talking about! Jeanne is indeed a direct marketing expert, as well as very knowledgeable about the education industry.” JimiBeth Myers, Macmillan Publishing

Funniest teaching moment: Leading a workshop in an outdoor area. A freight train roared past at 11 a.m….and didn’t finish passing the area until 11:15! A good teacher is prepared for ANY contingency.

Best teaching moment: A quiet, shy student came up to me after my Write with Ease workshop and told me she finally had confidence in her abilities to write business plans thanks to our work together. That made my day.

Scariest teaching moment: Not really a teaching moment but…walking away from a building in New York City after a late class and a rat the size of a shoebox ran in front of me, chattering his teeth at me! I’d walked too close to his trash can. Lesson learned: don’t get between a city rat and his cheese.

Services available:

  • Teaching  online courses in marketing, communications, management and entrepreneurship
  • Creation of course materials in marketing, business, management, communications
  • Writing textbooks and lesson pans
  • Expert review of existing materials, rubrics

marketing writer Jeanne Grunert

Expert Marketing Reviews of Lesson Plans, Projects, Textbooks

I provide expert marketing reviews of course textbooks, lesson plans, projects, and learning materials. I have worked for numerous education publishing companies in this capacity and provided insight and guidance into best practices for marketing managers.

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