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When every word counts, hire an experienced marketing writer. I have over 30 years of experience writing advertising, sales, marketing, and public relations copy for companies worldwide.

My experience includes developing comprehensive global communications strategies, marketing and PR strategies for ICO/ITO launches, marketing and communication plans for multi-million dollar product launches, and public relations for high profile projects such as state governor’s initiatives, public relations for NASDAQ-traded companies, and much more.

Large companies and marketing agencies can hire me with confidence knowing that I have the knowledge, skills and experience as a marketing writer to produce high quality, professional calibre work. Small business owners have peace of mind that their projects are in good hands and their precious money well spent with an experienced marketing writer.

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Writing Services from Marketing Writer Jeanne Grunert

  1. Micro blog posts and articles are short-form content that make great quick posts, Tumblr posts, social media posts, or brief articles.
  2. Regular blog posts and articles develop your ideas your way with insightful, well-researched writing with finished articles around 500-1000 words and submitted to you by your deadline via Microsoft Word or Google Document.
  3. Long-form content is an area I love and includes lengthy guides, insightful content marketing projects, and longer e-book length projects. Anything over 1,000 words is considered long form and requires detailed research, planning and follow through.
  4. White papers for technical, business, marketing, ICO/ITO and blockchain projects are another favorite content area. If you’re launching an ICO, hire a born storyteller with a gift for research to write that all-important paper.
  5. Website writing includes search engine optimized (SEO) web page copy and landing pages.
  6. Sales and marketing brochures, presentations, and video script writing helps you tell your story as you sell products or services.


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