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Welcome to Seven Oaks Consulting, a content marketing agency located in Prospect, Virginia. Founded in 2007 by award-winning writer and marketing expert Jeanne Grunert, Seven Oaks is a unique content marketing and writing agency dedicated to helping brands educate their customers about their products and services. We translate your ideas into shareable, clickable, engaging, and search-engine friendly digital content and online courses.

We’re here for you whether you need one small blog post written or an entire online academy developed and launched.

Contact us today or learn more about services for health, home, garden and lifestyle brands (and their marketing agencies.)

Jeanne flat out gets it. She possesses the creative talent, intuitive insight, and proven marketing skills to translate any idea, no matter how vague, into effective copy and impactful messaging. 

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Holistic Content Marketing Services

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Our holistic content marketing services examine all aspects of your product or service to create strategic brand messaging, positioning, and digital content focused on people first, search engines second. We’re both tacticians and strategic experts, equally capable of developing marketing approaches to product launches and creating the websites, videos, blogs, and more to get the word out.

Services from Marketing Writer | Seven Oaks Consulting

We find what is unique to your business, your brand, and help it grow into messages that spread their roots deep into the marketplace.

Content Marketing Plans & Services | SEO Writing | Course Creation

  • Website creation
  • Content marketing strategies and plans
  • Full content management (editorial management)
  • Individual project needs, such as writing articles, blog posts, case studies, and more
  • Video creation
  • BrainStory Marketing™, our unique brand messaging system
  • Lightspeed VT™ scripting
  • Pocket Products™ creation
  • Digital and online course and class creation
Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert

Welcome to Seven Oaks Consulting. My name is Jeanne Grunert, and I’m the president and senior consultant at the agency.

We are a small, niche content marketing agency providing content marketing planning, creation, and management services worldwide. We specialize in educational products and services such as creating online courses, ebooks, blog posts, and materials dedicated to brand awareness and consumer information.

I personally work with every client and make sure that no matter how big or small your business, it gets the attention it deserves.

We’ve helped local business owners double their revenues in one year and global brands launch with great fanfare. How can we help you achieve your goals?

Contact Jeanne or call (434) 574-6253 for help with your marketing needs.

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