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Hi and welcome to “marketing writer” Jeanne Grunert’s company, Seven Oaks Consulting! I am both a senior-level marketing manager and an expert freelance content marketing writer. I love digging into marketing plans and providing expert insight into websites to improve organic search engine results (more Google traffic). I also love writing, and I blend both skills into my freelance content marketing writing services for small businesses, marketing agencies, and publishers.

I have special hands-on industry knowledge in personal finance, e-commerce, K-12 and higher education.

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Please Note (7/27/2020) If you receive an email from someone named “Kevin” or “Kenneth” claiming to be from Seven Oaks Consulting (my company), please note we have no one working here by that name. I received a call this morning from someone who said this “Kevin” is pretending to be from my company and running an employment scam. I have alerted the job site that he used to set up the fake ad, but please note — we aren’t hiring right now. Always feel free to telephone and speak with me, Jeanne, owner of the company, personally at any time you have a question about Seven Oaks Consulting. I can be reached at 434-574-6253.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Education Marketing
  • e-Commerce and Retail Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing

As a freelance writer, I specialize in writing about business, marketing, and personal finance.

I’m also well-known as a garden writer and an equestrian writer.

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What Clients Say

Jeanne’s ability to see the big picture and put it into words is extraordinary. Her unique skill set and expertise allows her to take complex thoughts and ideas and make them sound interesting and engaging to the reader.

Melissa Watts, Sr. Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems

Jeanne flat out gets it. She possesses the creative talent, intuitive insight, and proven marketing skills to translate any idea, no matter how vague, into effective copy and impactful messaging.

Stephen Colwell, CEO, Clarify Media

marketing writer Jeanne Grunert

About Jeanne

I’m Jeanne Grunert, the “marketing writer,” a former marketing agency VP now a full-time freelance content writer and marketing coach. I write content that your site visitors read, remember, and share. I teach what I’ve learned from my 21+ years of senior marketing management experience to those interested in learning best practices in direct mail marketing, digital marketing, marketing agency management, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Before starting Seven Oaks Consulting in 2007, I led marketing for a division of McGraw-Hill Education as well as for Teachers College Columbia University and The College Board. My experience also include starting my own e-commerce company, working as a retail marketing manager, and leading marketing communications for a NASDAQ-traded firm.

I hold a Master of Science in Direct and Interactive Marketing and a Master of Arts in Writing. 




Website audits, SEO writing

Marketing seminars, workshops

Freelance writing for print or web


Call 434.574.6253 or email me.

Grunert Family Holdings, Inc. DBA Seven Oaks Consulting, 1220 Hixburg Road, Prospect VA 23960

A marketing agency and freelance writing business located near Farmville, Virginia, and Lynchburg, Virginia.