Once upon a time, there was a marketing director who was tired of staring at a one-story tall Calvin Klein underwear ad outside her midtown Manhttan office window. Exhausted by spending 2 hours every day commuting on mass transit, bored to tears by the beige cubicle life, she decided to quit her safe and secure job, pack up her cat and computer, and move to a farm in rural Virginia. Here, she pursued a passion for writing, storytelling, brand marketing and digital marketing that became a content marketing agency: Seven Oaks Consulting.

We started out in 2007 as a direct marketing agency but quickly realized that our clients really needed to find their voice in a crowded marketplace. This led to creating insightful, impactful, and meaningful stories that sell, content that converts, and websites that work.

Today, we are one of the nation’s top content marketing firms with a gift for brand story creation, personal branding, and SEO writing.

Our offices are located in Prospect, Virginia (near Lynchburg, Farmville, and Richmond). We work with business owners, publishers, and marketing agencies worldwide and have clients throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

marketing writer Jeanne Grunert
Jeanne Grunert, President and Founder, Seven Oaks Consulting

Seven Oaks Consulting

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