About the Marketing Writer

The Marketing Writer began in 2007 as Seven Oaks Consulting, a general digital, and direct marketing consulting agency located in Prospect, Virginia.

Jeanne Grunert, the President of Seven Oaks Consulitng, began her career as a fiction writer and advertising writer. Later, she held executive marketing positions with companies in the New York City area include McGraw-Hill, The College Board, and others. She moved to Virginia and provided marketing consulting services worldwide.

Jeanne often found that marketing clients requested her writing work, and writing clients asked for her marketing advice. Throughout the years, the same pattern repeated, with content writing work taking on more of a presence among the agency’s services. It soon became clear that her unique approach to content marketing, which incorporates fiction writing, digital marketing, and direct marketing aspects, generates excellent results.

President Jeanne Grunert, the original “marketing writer”

The Marketing Writer offers a blend of creative SEO writing and content marketing services to meet the needs of marketing agencies and businesses worldwide. Whether you need your blog posts refreshed with up-to-date SEO techniques or an optimized press release, contact us first. SaveSave

Grunert Family Holdings, Inc. DBA Seven Oaks Consulting, 1220 Hixburg Road, Prospect, Virginia 23960SaveSave

SEO writing services, marketing consulting, and freelance writing services for digital marketing agencies and companies worldwide. SaveSave


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