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Jeanne Grunert is the president of Seven Oaks Consulting and a noted authority on direct and online marketing, writing for the web, and copywriting.

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How Brand Storytelling Increased ROI by 2,700%

books and coffee on a table

Brand storytelling or content marketing engages the imagination, encourages buyer curiosity, and brings customers into your brand story like no other marketing technique I know. Case in point: the right story increases ROI by 2,700%. And no, that’s not a typo. Here’s the story behind this dramatic increase in ROI and how you can grab …

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Cause Marketing Considerations

two hands connected by a breast cancer awareness ribbon to symbolize cause marketing

You may not be familiar with the term cause marketing, but you’re probably familiar with brands of all sorts touting the Black Lives Matter hashtag or a similar cause they believe in. Brand have participated in cause marketing since 1974 when 7-11 convenience stores issued collectible cups to commemorate the 1973 Endangered Species Act. Since …

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Authentic Brand Communication

cup of coffee

Authentic brand communication rings true with your target audience. When they read, hear, or see authentic messages from your brand, it resonates with them. And if not? Then there’s a major disconnect. Many brands today are focusing on timely social issues to appeal to their customers. This can be problematic on many levels

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