Do You Have an Accountability Issue or Another Problem?

“We have an accountability problem!” Craig* fumed as he paced around the office. I sat on the hard-backed metal chair, pad balanced on my knees, pen in hand, ready to take notes on the looming problem that had prompted Craig’s call to me.

On the phone, he’d said his team lacked accountability. He wanted me to come in and teach his junior marketing managers a seminar on being accountable.

But how did he define accountability at the agency? And was it really an accountability problem or something else?

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B2B Content Marketing Writing – Sell the Story First

When it comes to B2B content marketing writing, you must sell the story first. Here’s what that means to your business and brand.

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Why Experience Counts: The Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

Experience counts in the business world. There are tremendous benefits of hiring older workers that many companies leave behind in their quest to be young and hip. If young, hip and millennial doesn’t fit your brand, why go for it? Go for talent first in your quest to hire the best.

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