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We take brand marketing to a deeper, richer level through stories that sell. We write stories. Not brand stories.

BrainStory Marketing.

Stories that capture the imagination and attention of your customers in seconds. Stories that use the latest scientific research on how stories work deep in the mind to elicit emotion. We use this research to craft stories beyond brand stories.

We create BrainStory Marketing.

Only from Seven Oaks Consulting.


Brand Marketing Done Right

What’s your story? Brand marketing begins and ends with a brand story. The right story immediately captures attention and ignites the imagination of your customers.

But few companies and agencies do brand stories right. They aren’t story tellers.

We are. We are Seven Oaks Consulting, a unique content marketing agency focused on stories that sell, content that converts, and finding new and innovative ways to tell stories – not just any story, but your story.

Do Stories Actually Help You Sell More?

Yes, they do. The Found Objects Project conducted extensive research on how descriptive storytelling enhanced the perceived value of objects (dollar store finds) to the point of increasing their value seven-fold or more.

BrainStory Marketing: We Build Brand Stories

Our unique BrainStory Marketing offers the ability to have professional award-winning storytellers create exciting, engaging, and unique brand, product, and personal or founder stories to enhance market recognition and reach.

It’s a simple service that does a lot to enhance your brand, your ROI, and your reach into the market.

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