Case Studies

Content marketing case studies and marketing consulting case studies from Seven Oaks Consulting demonstrate the breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience. We are the marketing agency that other marketing agencies consult with when they need expert training, advice, or feedback.

Marketing & Content Marketing Case Studies

Over the 15 years that Seven Oaks Consulting has been in business, we have achieved outstanding results for our clients. Although we cannot promise the same results to every client given the many factors that affect search engine traffic and marketing campaign results, we have indeed achieved excellent results for many previous clients.

  • Tripled a plastic surgeon’s website traffic in under 3 months.
  • Helped B2B equipment reseller move from “invisible” in the search engine results (20th position) to 2nd position for a given keyword phrase.
  • Created content marketing departments that have produced valuable targeted content to generate leads, sales, and site traffic for a B2B technology company.
  • Developed effective landing pages that convert traffic into leads for a B2B manufacturing company.

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