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Why Experience Counts: The Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

benefits of hiring older workers picture of office

Experience counts in the business world. There are tremendous benefits of hiring older workers that many companies leave behind in their quest to be young and hip. If young, hip and millennial doesn’t fit your brand, why go for it? Go for talent first in your quest to hire the best.

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SEO Expert Reveals 3 Secret Optimization Tips

SEO expert tips photo

As an SEO expert, especially in the realm of marketing writing, I have my ‘secret optimization’ tips that I use to really grab Google’s attention in the SERPs. These are my three most powerful SEO tips.

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Should You Start a Blog?

5 reasons to start a blog

Did you know that February 7 is international Start a Blog day? Plan now to begin the blog that’s been on your to-do list forever!

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Facebook Business Pages: The Dangers

picture of a hacker or criminal

Many small business owners rely on Facebook business pages for their online presence. “I don’t need a website,” they tell me. “See, I get this free Facebook business page and I can promote my company as well as share information with my customers.” Our local health food store has a business page…the dog trainer I …

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Marketing Case Study: Mailing List Fail

In this edition of “I Have a Story,” The Marketing Writer’s blog, we present a marketing case study that underscores the importance of a clean direct mail list. Direct mail continues to produce strong results with an average response rate of 9% for house lists. A house list is a list of a business’ customers …

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