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Good Management Is An Art

Good management is an art rather than a science.

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Making Virtual Teams Work

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How do you make a virtual workforce a thriving part of your company? Many companies need extra help during peak season. Some require specialized skills or a temporary opening filled. In these cases, a remote worker, also known as a virtual worker, telecommuter, or telecommuting freelancer, may be the answer. So why don’t more companies …

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Three Leadership Qualities

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We often equate leadership qualities today with qualities that are actually antithetical to good leadership. The bluster, brashness, and bragging often associated with leadership point to weakness, not strength, when it comes to leaders. What makes a leader? Watching the coverage this week of former President Bush’s funeral, I was struck by several things. President …

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Stopping Workplace Gossip

Stopping workplace gossip may be impossible, but it should be among your priorities as a leader. Workplace gossip wastes time, ruins reputations, and generally does more harm than good. I’ve written a new piece for Medium this week Gossip in the Workplace – Stop Before Someone Gets Hurt. I know that it is human nature …

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Leadership Styles: No, It’s Not Okay to Yell at People

The Tyrant is one leadership style that casts a long shadow. I’ve worked hard to heal teams damaged by The Tyrant and have worked under them. Learn more about this leadership style and why it can be so hard to combat.

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