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Fighting too many fires?

Finding new clients is a marketing agency’s biggest paint point.

50% of agencies know they need to do more sales and marketing, especially retention marketing.

Yet 28% of marketing agencies claim they are unable to find or hire the necessary talent to serve the clients they already have on board.

Agency directors are so busy putting out fires and making sure their current clients get service that they spend little time attracting new business.

There’s a better way.

Think fire prevention rather than fire extinguisher. Think marketing training for your employees so they’re better at what they do, which means fewer fire drills and fires and more time to actually build your agency’s brand.

That’s where we come in. We’re like the fire prevention team for marketing agencies. Instead of fire proofing them, we skill proof them.

We transmit our knowledge and skills to your team so they become fireproof.

Or as close to fireproof as an agency’s team can be!

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As the owner of a marketing agency, I know that it’s hard to find dependable freelance support. In Jeanne we get a wealth of real world experience, a strong work ethic and consistently reliable results.

Roman Kraus
Kraus Creative

Marketing Agency Service Provider

Seven Oaks Consulting is a unique B2B marketing agency service provider. We offer experienced, exceptionally qualified virtual marketing management services to fill temporary or permanent staff positions in your agency.  We coach and mentor agencies and agency staff to improve client strategies and service for higher agency retention rates so you spend less money on acquisition.

Working with Jeanne is a true pleasure…her knowledge of marketing and direct marketing is extensive. I recommend Seven Oaks Consulting to your company without hesitation.

Chandru Rajam
CEO, Edumetry

Marketing Training

We also run the SMART Marketing Academy on Teachable, a series of virtual, on-demand classes that help newcomers to the marketing profession and junior agency staff acquire specific knowledge and skills they may not have learned in undergraduate marketing programs. Custom onsite or virtual marketing workshops are also available.

Jeanne ran a one-day seminar that our marketing managers are still talking about!

JimiBeth Meyers
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More Time to Build Your Agency Brand = More Profits for YOU

Seven Oaks Consulting…a unique B2B marketing agency service provider. Our passion is helping agencies grow through smarter, better retention marketing knowledge and skills.

The result? MORE time for you to build your agency’s brand, attract more clients, and build a thriving business. 

Let us help you with your marketing training, coaching, and mentoring needs so you fireproof that agency and make those client “fire drills” a thing of the past!

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Jeanne has helped me focus, broken imposing tasks into small steps, and is honest yet always tactful. Best of all, she’s delightful and enthusiastic.

Lynell Engelmryer
College Advisor
I thought I knew a thing or two about promotion, but Jeanne is absolutely brilliant at what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Lori Soard
Writer & Designer


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