Marketing Audit

Smart Marketing Begins with a Marketing Audit

A marketing audit offers both insight and action to small business owners seeking a cost-effective way to improve their marketing results. Businesses who complete regular marketing audits find they save money by receiving expert insight into their current marketing activities, website, and online presence. 

Our marketing audits offer more than feedback on your current marketing programs. You’ll receive a mini-marketing plan with follow up coaching by phone and email so you can confidently guide the marketing activities for your small business by yourself. You’ll also receive discounts on our books and classes so you can learn at your own pace any additional skills you need to promote your small business and handle your own marketing activities.


What Clients Say

I can honestly say that finding Seven Oaks Consulting and Jeanne for marketing work for me really made my business grow. I used Seven Oaks Consulting to help us with a new website design that included SEO. Jeanne also designed a marketing plan for Crystal Image Photography and made suggestions that really got us noticed. We used Jeanne’s suggestions on different types of adverting and our wedding photography business grew over 50 percent!

Crystal Vandegrift, Crystal Image Photography

Jeanne helped me look at my marketing to my clients in a new way and gave me some inspiration. Jeanne gave me a plan of action for marketing my services and some words of encouragement that were greatly needed. After contacting old clients and utilizing her suggestions, I now have several of them signed up with me and really positive response of people being thrilled I’m back in the web design and promotions business. I thought I knew a thing or two about promotion, but Jeanne is absolutely brilliant at what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Lori Soard, Author and Website Designer

What does an audit include?

  • You are a small business owner handling your own marketing.
  • You’re confident about the services that you offer but unsure whether you are doing all you can to promote them.
  • You lack the budget or resources to hire a marketing agency to handle your marketing but you’re willing to invest in a marketing audit to get results.
  • You know that with the right plan and action steps you can get better results from your marketing activities.
  • You’re comfortable with a “DIY” approach to promoting your business.
  • A personal 1-hour phone call to review your business marketing activities and goals.
  • Comprehensive expert review of your current marketing tactics including a website review, social media review, keyword suggestions, online reputation review, and more.
  • A detailed, written report with our findings and recommended next steps.
  • Personal 1-hour phone follow up to review your audit findings and coach you through next steps.
  • Free email-based support for 3 months after the audit to answer any questions you may have about your marketing plan.

Why choose a marketing audit?

We recommend that all small businesses conduct an annual marketing audit.

Reserve your marketing audit today.

The cost for each marketing audit is $1,000.

A typical marketing plan costs $5,000 and up. An audit is a true value for a small business serious about smart marketing.

Once you reserve and pay for your marketing audit, please allow 24-48 hours for us to schedule an introductory call. Audits take 2-4 weeks to complete. 


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