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Content Marketing Problems – Solved!

We solve marketing problems!

Let’s face it. You don’t just hire a content marketing consultant because you feel like it. You’ve got a problem – or a lot of problems – and you need help solving them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is invisible in the search engines. You’ve published lots of articles and blog posts, but they aren’t getting any traffic. Or, the traffic they are getting is from bots and spammers.

We can help you move from invisible to highly visible in just a few short months. We work on both owned media (your website, blog, and email list) and earned media (guest posting). Let us develop an SEO strategy that boosts your website’s position in the search engine results pages.

After a thorough and detailed content audit that includes a deep look at your site’s analytics and data, we develop a plan that fits your budget. Metrics are tracked to ensure measurable, demonstrable results.

Content Management | Editorial Management

Your company has a marketing team, but it’s content chaos. The CEO wants to write blog posts and the marketing team wants to write them and somewhere in between, nothing is getting done. You have lots of ideas but no one has the time to make them into content marketing pieces.

We’ve managed content marketing for agencies and companies worldwide, transforming a loose ragbag of ideas into a content tapestry that achieves our clients’ desired results. No matter how messy your content marketing is now, we’ll fix it, organize it, refine it, and get it done.

infographic of benefits of content marketing

Updating Outdated Blogs

We teach old blogs new tricks. Why pay someone to pump out fresh blog posts when you’re sitting on a gold mine of posts? If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of old blog posts but they’ve grown tired and stale, call us in, stat.

After a thorough content audit and inventory of your current blog, we’ll find fresh keywords, update posts and images, give the orphan (pages) families, and make your blog all fresh, clean, and SEO sparkly again.

It’s a huge money saver for companies that have invested heavily in their blogs over the years and who don’t want to start from scratch. Among the many marketing problems we solve, it’s one of our favorites, because you can see measurable results in as little as 6 months.

SEO writing

Perhaps you have one project and you’re looking for a seasoned, experienced, and knowledgable business writer for hire. Jeanne Grunert is always available for one-off or single projects including SEO writing, marketing writing, writing sales copy, writing web pages, landing pages, and more. Contact us for an estimate.