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SaaS Content Writer

A SaaS content writer specializes in writing about software as a service (SaaS) products and the business problems buyers want solved. Examples of SaaS content writing include blogging, websites, landing pages, case studies, reports, white papers, and articles, either about the technology itself or more likely the problems it solves for the target industry.

Skilled Team of SaaS Content Writers

Seven Oaks Consulting specializes in b2B content marketing and technology content marketing. This includes SaaS content marketing. We’re immersed in the world of SaaS content marketing and have created content to support the marketing goals of SaaS consultants, integrators, and various platform creators.

What a SaaS Writer Does

  • Interviews customers for case studies.
  • Writes search engine optimized copy to promote various software platforms or address the business concerns of the purchaser of such platforms.
  • Writes articles and press releases showcasing software products.
  • Create video scripts, both marketing and explainer videos, demonstrating the effectiveness of the product.
  • Create marketing pieces including sales slicks, presentations, scripts and more to support sales goals.
  • Develops ideas for infographics to make difficult concepts easy to understand for business owners.
  • Writes white papers and thought leadership pieces exploring how software solves business challenges and problems.

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Your 30-minute free consultation includes an outline of the content marketing requirements to achieve your goal plus our estimate. Share your business goals and needs with us, and we’ll help you achieve them.

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Our team of b2b marketing writers

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Because we specialize in technology writing, we’ve put together a creative team of SaaS writers who understand the nuances of ERP, CRM, BI, data and analytics, and the various business challenges they solve.

Our writers are also knowledgeable and often have first-hand experience in the target markets our SaaS technology clients seek to reach: manufacturing, construction, process industries, pulp and paper, power and energy, e-commerce and retail.

What our clients say

It is such a great pleasure to work with Jeanne! Her talent has added great value to the projects we have worked on together. She is a consummate professional and her attention to detail is superb. Jeanne’s ability to see the big picture and put it into words is extraordinary. Her unique skill set and expertise allows her to take complex thoughts and ideas and make them sound interesting and engaging to the reader. She is creative, responsive and works well in challenging and chaotic environments.

It has been an honor to work with her and I look forward to creating many more wonderful and engaging piece of work together.

Melissa Watts, Sr. Account Executive, Mphasis

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