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Strategic marketing consulting is so much more than coming up with a clever slogan or ad campaign. A strategic marketing consultant focuses on your business: who are you customers? Where do they shop? How do they find out about you? Why do they choose your services or products?

Seven Oaks Consulting has over 21 years of experience offer B2B strategic marketing consulting services to K-12 education publishers, assessment creators, service providers, and others in the education field. We work directly with businesses to develop profitable short and long-term acquisition strategies to build their customer base and retention strategies for prolonged revenue growth and customer loyalty. And lastly, we work with marketing agencies who need to determine their unique niche and market their own services (but who rarely have the time!)


How can we help?

  • Marketing Strategy and Plans
  • Website and Marketing Plan Audits
  • Education Marketing
  • Content Marketing Writing Services
  • Marketing Classes and Seminars

Results Achieved for Clients

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Marketing Problems, Solved

Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert founded Seven Oaks Consulting in 2007 to bring her considerable knowledge and experience to small business owners, education companies, and marketing agencies worldwide. 

As a strategic marketing consultant and marketing writer, Jeanne has worked with both for-profit and nonprofit companies as well as marketing agencies worldwide. Her marketing “superpower” is analyzing small businesses in their growth phase and developing measurable marketing strategies and plans to increase revenues. 

How can Seven Oaks Consulting help you? Give us a call. We’d love to get to know you better. 

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AUTHORJeanne Grunert

Jeanne Grunert is the president of Seven Oaks Consulting and a noted authority on direct and online marketing, writing for the web, and copywriting.

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