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Facebook Business Pages: The Dangers

picture of a hacker or criminal

Many small business owners rely on Facebook business pages for their online presence. “I don’t need a website,” they tell me. “See, I get this free Facebook business page and I can promote my company as well as share information with my customers.” Our local health food store has a business page…the dog trainer I …

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How to Determine the ROI on Your Social Media Accounts

When I’m wearing my marketing consultant’s hat, I’m focused on the return on investment (ROI) for my clients. After all, most are small to mid-sized business owners, entrepreneurs and artists – folks who absolutely need to understand how, when and where their marketing investment is paying off. Social media often seems like the big question …

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What Is a Klout Score and Why Is It Important?

Did you sign up for Klout? Do you even know what Klout is? Klout, said a friend of mine, is like high school all over again – a popularity contest. Since I was relatively popular, albeit geeky, in high school, I don’t mind popularity contests. Klout, however, is more than a popularity contest. Klout is …

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